Quota's and commands

i did a bunch of testing on a virtual box vm using script 2.1.1:

Quota’s and any command(s) are not working on the following (both with a home partition):


Quota’s and any command(s) are not working on the following (with out a home partition):

Commands are not working, but Quota’s are working with the following (with out a home partition):
Debian 8.4

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Do you mean this bro…?

Same happen to me… on Ubuntu 16.04 Server (64 bits) OVH

This is the one that i get

Not sure why your commands would not be working. I have been running numerous test as of lately with VirtualBox and commands are working as well as quotas. Are you attempting to run these commands as root?

Could you please provide me with your log file so I can review what may be happening?

I have been mainly working on and testing Ubuntu 16.04 at the moment so I certainly appreciate any and all reports in regards to additional versions.

Additionally, I should have the release set and ready for /home primary mounts by later today… as it is a known issue and it clearly marked that the script in it’s current form does not support /home mounts.

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Did you try these modifications to fix the /home issue with OVH?

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Commands are ran as the sudo user created during the script install.
Root does not have ssh permissions.
This occurs in every version of ubuntu and debian 8.4.

I have not tried the quota modification. i didn’t know it existed ><. I will get back to you.
However, quotas only work in Debian 8.4 without a home partition. They do not work in every version of ubuntu, even without a home partition.

quickbox.log (934.2 KB)

I will work on getting the logs for the other versions. I did not keep them from previous testing.
Also, i highly appreciate what your doing here. Thank you.

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This is the first instance I have encountered where quotas/commands are not working on any version, I can’t duplicate this issue. It sounds like there is some sort of issue in regards to install permissions.

Those commands are root/system level commands. Could you at least su to switch to root and try running those commands? If you haven’t set a password for root you can easily do so by running sudo passwd.

Interesting, a quick scan of the logs and I don’t see anything out of sorts.
I am curious however, could you make a copy of your .bashrc file and append .txt to the end and upload it here as well?

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Yay past my posting time out limit :slight_smile:

Pumped to see the changes being made! I will wait to install the newer version of the script then to bug test.

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well ill be:

bashrc attached:
.bashrc.txt (4.7 KB)

Yup, funny those system commands. I had previously thought about allowing sudo users to fire the commands, however, there were several issues I had with that implementation in regards to security. If a user potentially escaped their limited shell bash environment, they could then attempt to hi-jack the master account and/or sudo and run those commands, thus, causing all sorts of calamity.

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the 2.2 released fixed the quotas and the commands.
However i found two more bugs for ya:

Ubuntu 16.04 with /home
Disc space is no longer reported:

Quota bug:
unable to set quota or sudo user created during script install

1.) would it be possible to ask all of the questions in the beginning, instead of throughout the install process?
2.) could i get a logout button? I host my friends and sometimes they need help.
3.) I made a script that preforms the install commands with a single download. Could this cause any issues?

The quota issues have been addressed and will find their way into a production roll-out this weekend, along with the needed upgrade files for current users. That issue with the diskspace plugin was a result of the script adding in both diskspace and diskspaceh (h for /home) at the same time… this caused it to get confused.

setdisk is now being used as a standalone, as you have found (you can also see this in the development branch), it is not reading the command via the root users .bashrc. I plan on making all system commands completely independent, rather than relying on the roots bash… this will also negate having to mandatorily reboot after script install.

Additional to the quota bug, we found this issue and have coupled it with a fix.

As per your feedback:

  1. This is something I have been considering myself, as I am aware that some people would much rather answer the questions and let the script finish itself. Now that the script is gaining more stability, I do plan on adjusting the sequence as it is no longer needed to sit and watch the script for any faults… especially with everything being piped to a log file.

  2. There is a logout button in rutorrent actually. This will additionally log you out of the dashboard. Until I (or someone else) comes up with a proper hook, it will remain that way. Although, a logout button on the dashboard is a good suggestion and I will fit it into the timeline.

  3. Not sure I follow. I’d need more details to be more accurate in my response… until then, insufficient data to formulate an opinion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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JMsolo, you are one amazing dude/dudete. thank you for this project and your support.

Minor bugs(?) on u16.04:

1.) run a command while in root (createSeedboxUser) but input an incorrect value. It will kick you out of root and crash the command. For example, creating a new user and setting their quota to 200gb instead of 200GB.

2.) when not using a home partition the discspace/quotas are working and reporting correctly on all users but the sudo user created in the script.

3.) plex
a.) can only be installed via the dashboard under the sudo user. Running the update command as root gives an error, until after it is installed

b.) plex still needs to be setup via loopback. Is there anyway to get around that login requirement?

c.) the non sudo users do not have a plex link on their dashboard.

d.) plex can not access the non sudo user’s home directories.

lastly, are their items you want to be tested? I am just randomly poking things.

sent a pm on a different topic. zero rush.

Thank you for the compliment and thank you for being a part of QuickBox! We’re all grateful around these parts!

Lets face these in the order you have expressed shall we.

  1. This is an expected result… hence the exit command if it is entered wrong. Reason being, there is no logical explanation for why it should stay in the command and attempt again with bad values. It’s a reset button if you will. As the command echos “Must be in GB or TB” Technically, values gb and GB are not one and the same. This is just the way that the calculator handles the arithmetic; so we must comply with it’s demands. At the mercy of the machines I say!

  2. Not quite sure how this works if I am following you. If quotas work for additional users, they work for the master account especially. Did you do the setdisk command for your sudoer account to activate their allowance? If so, are there any errors that are thrown? What happens exactly… as in… what is the result aside from the expected result?

  3. a. Do you have Plex installed? That is the upgrade command. If you want to install Plex from root you type installpackage-plex and it will install.
    b. You mean as per not having to login with your Plex account? There is a way to make it public facing without a login by adding a forward within Apache. However, I was kindly asked by Swizards to not include this in QuickBox and I must comply with their wishes as a professional courtesy.
    c. No they do not. There are several packages that are only gifts from the gods to the greater folk, i.e; you, the sudoer. :wink: There is a way to adjust this and there are plans to make it multi-user friendly in the future of QuickBox… it’s just a decent amount of work… but it is a work in progress.
    d. I can show you how now. Please let me know if for some odd reason this does anything weird to your users rtorrent due to permissions. It really shouldn’t, but just in case. I will additionally write a script for this simple little string in the next release (this Sunday - tomorrow) that is addPlexUser. You can then add users to Plex on a request basis… at least until I work out multi-user integration and just make it magically available for all additional accounts (if it’s installed)

usermod -a -G ${username} plex
chown ${username}:plex /home/${username}
chmod 750 /home/${username}
service plexmediaserver restart

It’s pretty much whatever questions you have and observations you make. I am strict with my own functionality, but not with the nature of this community and the script/eco-system it revolves around. So really, anything goes!

As per your PM, I got it and I will respond when I am in business mode… weekends are typically my time to fully devote to QuickBox and not work stuffs… but a short answer is, yes :slight_smile:

oh a side note [quote=“JMSolo, post:14, topic:71”]
Must be in GB or TB" Technically, values gb

it will not work with values like 1.5TB or anything like that i kinda annoying but you can get same results by using 1500GB

i think you need to use capitals ie: 100GB not 100gb