Quota showing wrong disk space used

Hi there.

i cant seem to find a solution to why my quota wont show the correct size on the web interface…

attached is the config of quota and how it looks.

any advise is appreciated :slight_smile:



Now it doesnt show anything :smiley: Capture3

So i changed it back to fix-disk_widget_root which shows the same as the pictures in #1

Do you have quota installed? If yes, and your are the only user, uninstall it

Yes i have quota installed and im the only user. Would a uninstall of quota fix it?

Sorry for the delay in answer… new year and everything! :smiley:

Happy new year!

sudo su
and uninstall quota

Happy new year :sunglasses:

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I Will try that then! :wink:

Didnt know about the “box” command!! thats easy! :smiley:

And it worked! MANY MANY MANY Thanks! :wink:

så lidt :wink:

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Haha Godt svar :smiley: