Quickbox won't install on Debian 8.7


up to today I was using Quickbox on my server. I decied to reinstall my server today because I wanted to change some things.

According to the site the script should work with Debian.

“QuickBox supports Debian 8 as well as Ubuntu 15.10 & 16.04
ARM Architecture is not supported, please use standard x86-64 server installs.”

I am running:

Description: Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 (jessie)
Release: 8.7
Codename: jessie

I used the command from the site to install Quickbox but I get the following message: Debian: It looks like you are running Debian, which is not supported by QuickBox

is something wrong or did the support for Debian stop?

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We now only support 15.10 and 16.04 Ubuntu en lieu of the version 3 to be released at some point. We have reduced OS variations to enable quicker support turnarounds while we refocus our priorities.

Website and install script will be updated accordingly


well that sucks is there a reason why removing debian when ubuntu is BASED off of debian…

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This is sad news and yes purely because all the servers I have set up for users running debian …and the fact that I like debian better…a post about this decision would also be nice instead of users finding out the hard way!!

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Yes, we are a small team about to make a big move. We are working on a version 3 (as @bate expressed) and this version will be available on all OS/Distro that support Docker. For the time being we need to pinpoint our efforts onto the development and release of this next version. This involves building it out completely, testing it, and testing it some more.

With more of our errors that we receive (critical errors) arising from Debian (we know Ubuntu is based of Debian… doesn’t mean they are one and the same… when in fact, they do have their broad differences), we consider it best to limit this on installs for the time being, while we work towards forward progress and future releases. Having to support multiple branches of the same thing is time consuming for our small volunteer team (and quite honestly, I am the only one fixing the issues as they are presented) and we need all the energy we currently have, in our spare time, to produce this next version. So please, have some respect for our decision, we’re only making this choice solid due to wanting to make QuickBox better.

Well, @Globber… you could always add these lines to your install script:

Not so hard eh?

I know you guys would like a post on this matter, it’s been announced via the Chat, as well as discussed openly here. If time permits me to develop, troubleshoot, develop a new deliverable, update install methods, Wiki, FAQ, README, and post writeups on the site, while maitaining updates to the website and Plaza… then I do. You’re forgetting I am but one person. :wink:


Oh man this wasn´t meant to sound disrespectfully in any way - I love QB and I love the work the dedicated developers do…a lot :slight_smile:

Not sitting in a chat and haven´t stumbled over any discussions about the change therefore my shout out regarding the change that´s all - I´m gonna adapt to the new way…just too used to Deb :slight_smile: