I had QuickBox up and running but then had to do a network reorg and it’s been down for about 3 weeks. Now that I’ve restored it via a backup (the only thing that changed was the subnet mask, gateway, and DNS servers), I’m receiving this error when I try to get to the webpage. I used to access it via hostname, but right now I need to access it via IP (I don’t have an internal DNS server yet).
This has never been accessible via the internet, so I don’t believe let’s encrypt would have been able to issue a cert.
What should I do? I don’t see anything online about QuickBox and this error, and anything else says to redo the Let’s Encrypt, but again, it’s not accessible via the outside world.
Subject: www.example.com
Issuer: www.example.com
Expires on: Aug 20, 2029
Current date: Jan 14, 2020