QuickBox v2.3.3 - features, stability and more UX.. oh my!



Well, there have been a number of features rounded down into this upcoming and released version. You may be wondering what happened to v2.3.1 or v2.3.2. They were rollover versions in hard beta so they pretty much got the skip.

###What does this version introduce?
It was requested that the System Response Widget go away when not in use. Thanks @Vustom for the suggestion! It was using up real estate on the screen and in some cases was a little confusing… a few questions as to “What is that?” made this evidently clear.

Now the system response pops up in an on-demand fashion… saving real-estate and also making the processes clearer. It took revamping the entire subsystem of the packages for installers/uninstallers in regards to plugins, packages and system commands like updateQuickBox.

Another request was to have the system controller and status panels be collapsible. Now, we’re happy to announce they are just that. They are collapsed by default, again, saving space and keeping relevancy and attention where it is better owed on the dashboard.

Check it out!

Another big feature added in is the ability to do system updates directly from the dashboard. These are now easily committed with the click of a button. When a new version is introduced, a button will appear informing you there is an update available… click it and have your :cake: and eat it too!

###UX Update June 09, 2016
I am typically a hater when it comes to scrollbars, I hate them mostly… they are bulky and they tend to kill a golden design. With that said I had been pondering how to include the custom scrollbars (provided by perfect srollbar) on child-elements within the site. Today I spent some time on updating the .js used to handle this as well as pushing some additional UX sexiness. Happy to say, the System Response widget looks 100 times more attractive.

Most things such as installing a package or a plugin will not make use of height dimensions requiring scrollbars, this is a different case however when pulling in updates. Now one can easily scroll horizontally and vertically to review all pulls.

###How do we update?

Easy as pie and here is how:

cd /usr/local/bin/quickbox/system
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/QuickBox/quickbox_packages/master/system/updateQuickBox
bash updateQuickBox

The update process via shell will more than likely show as a blank sequence… don’t worry though… it is updating. The update should only take no more than 15 seconds to complete.


Love the simplicity! could not make it any simpler in my opinion


New panel commits are excellent! I’d been holding off on merging some of your recent commits for something juicy – this certainly fits the bill :heart_eyes_cat:


I am getting this msg after update:

“shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory”

Else everything has been updated :slight_smile:


Where are you receiving this message?


After the update is completed :slight_smile:


On the dashboard System Response widget, in ssh console, in your logs?


It’s in the SSH console


Ok, then you’re good to go. This looks like it is informing you that the directory you were in when firing the command now no longer exist… so a simple cd should set you normal.

Out of curiosity, which directory did you execute the command from and can you confirm if it is removed or still there?

Also, of future note: updates can now be ran directly from dashboard without the need for running commands via ssh.


Executed the command under: /usr/local/bin/quickbox/system


And afther the update i cant use ‘setdisk’

“-su: /usr/local/bin/quickbox/system/setdisk: Permission denied”


Ok, what version were you on when you updated?

Also, the v2.3.4 update is a major revision and does require a reboot as it modifies the safe exec directories for QuickBox system commands.


The command only worked when i picked option 2. That must be above 2.3?


I see what happened. You used the old update as it no longer asks… updateQuickBox and upgradeQuickBox have been separated for better issue management.

The new update avoids all this by doing the proper checkouts against new versions with a git pull, then rebuilds your directories without overwriting data.

If you ls -l in your root directory, can you confirm that a directory call QuickBox lives there?


It does :slight_smile:


Ok, do this:

cd QuickBox
git checkout master
git pull
cd packages
git checkout master
git pull
bash system/updateQuickBox

Or, you could try to run the update from your dashboard directly. This will patch any issues that may had happened. More than likely, running the old updater didn’t change the system commands to executable, thus you can not fire them.


Running the update from the dashboard seems to have solved it ^^


I need to find time to make this a notice. This is my fault really. :blush: