Quickbox users with dedicated hdd

So as title says, i would like to have users with their own harddrive.

I’ve managed to do this with other simple rutorrent and ftp install scripts.
Basically i have just changed their home directory to the one on the other hardrive.
(usermod -m -d /secondhdd user1, and “secondhdd” is where my second hdd is mounted)

This is what i mean: Server have 4 hdd, each on 1TB. First one is for OS and such, but other 3 for storage and usage by the seedbox users. So user with a dedicated hdd usually is much better perfomance, but with quickbox its not so easy to fix, so maybe someone could help it its possible.

So in simple: A server with 3 seedbox users with their own hdd, cant get any better :smiley:



this might help you would have to change it just a little but it should get you started.

If I was doing that for my own boxes, I would make the volumes, format then and mount them off of root.

then do your usermod -m -d /user1_drive user1

It should flow and work.

but in reality you are better off setting up a raid. makes things run faster. such as rar, hashing, overall I/O

With multiple users writing and fighting for the drive heads? There are reasons vendors split off raid sets. I used to implement SQL Servers and Oracle on physical disks before SANs became norm all around the country and canada. We would lay trans logs/archive logs on different raid sets than data volumes and even break it out further than that because of drive head contention. This was following the vendor best practices.

I once had a guy with a 72 disk raid 5 set. Before I took it apart and redid it for performance reasons, I turned off all the lights in the data center(yes, really) and wrote a 500GB file to it so I could watch the LEDs on the drives cascade like a snake across the drives on 6 external cages. They thought I was a bit nuts but how often do you get to see that? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answers guys.

Reason to not use raid (like raid 0) is because as you know, if one drive fails - everything fails.
Raid would be good if server was used by one, but now im going to have 3 users on the server.
Have been with when a hdd crashed, luckily there i had no raid so there was only 1 user affected instead of all 3 if used raid.

Anyway, my soulution for this was pretty simple, doesnt know why i have thinked about this earlier.
But its like dtech says and the thread he linked to.

But instead of having the mount point at /home/user/mount-directory i created a folder named user1 directly after /home/, and then created a user with the name user1. Then you have your second hdd directly in home and everything there.

Thanks again guys :slight_smile:

kinda what i was thinking :stuck_out_tongue: glad you caught on to that.