Quickbox Ubuntu 16.04 sudo

Hi, dtech told me to come here and make a topic if i need help with something. So this is what im doing.

I have installed quickbox, and installed x2go on my hetzner server without any issues, but i have a problem when it comes to certain things. He told me to try and chmod 7377 but it does not work. It still tells me /root/.wine is not owned by me. So i have problems trying to put wine into 32bit mode to install 32bit programs with 32 bit prefexis.

I dont know why this is so difficult, but when i installed x2go manually, and install rutorrent manually. Eveyrthing is working, but when i install quickbox then install x2go on the server from quickbox. I dont have root permission at all. How can i change this or fix it? Im also in IRC as GANJAMAN right now, if someone wants to come in and help me out. Thought i make this thread first.

sudo chown -R username:username /dir

this might work. but i did not say what command before i just gave you a link to show you how permissions work.
so in your case I’d try moving wine to run under your user rather than running it under root. this is just an idea.