QuickBox Tuning Service Relocated


I’ve tried to order QuickBox Tuning Service but it seem this service is gone.
How to get trustworthy and paid Tuning Service (rtorrent/server/network) now?
My dedicated server is hosted by online.net (dedimax reseller). Debian 8, E3-1240 v3, 32GB, 2x3TB Raid0.


I would recommend Ubuntu 16.04
as it is more stable as of right now.

Thanks for your advise.
Next time I’ll try Ubuntu.
Actually my seedbox is running well but seem slow when it’s time to race with seeders.
I’ve rented managed and tuned server using the same network (online.net) and speed was really good.

Super sorry, but I was trying to figure out how to direct message you and gave up. I’m really interested in server tuning. Are you willing to do tuning on a non quickbox config?

I have this setup [https://github.com/arakasi72] (was told it was better than quickbox for now because it has nginx). If not, I’m willing to switch to Quickbox however.

If you’re up for it, let me know pricing and if the non quick box thing is an issue. Thank you!

hahaha better than qb maybe simpler as qb is a gui not just a script.
but to each their own no?

I actually jumped into a dedicated seedbox for the first time just because of how cool quickbox looked, but it failed to work the first time I tried it and that other seedbox script did (for whatever reason). I’m actually buying and setting up a Hetzner box atm so If you’re interested, I could hand it over for tuning in a bit. Or actually, should I just do the Guru install + pay whatever else for tuning? I’m not sure you guys would setup an auction server from scratch since it seems it needs some work at first, so I could just try to get it up and running first. Let me know!

Woops. Sorry, didn’t realize I was talking to someone else. I set the new seedbox up with Quickbox so I’m super happy to test it out now! I’m still super interested in playing around with tuning. How should i contact liara for help with that? And again, I’m willing to pay, not looking for a handout.

like this @liara ow you just have to wait for her to be on should be sometime tomorrow.

I just payed for them to set it up how long does it take them to respond?

Awesome. Much appreciate it. Just going through all this trouble since I saw she’s still up for through this thread.

@liara Hi, wanting to know If you’d be interested in a paid seedbox tuning job thingy. Thanks!

@dtech_banned how long after paying for them to setup does it take

you mean guru or tuning?
not sure whom you mean by them.

guru I tried setting it up but had lots of problems

well i can start now if you order. really depends on the server.

I have ovh and I ordered the 5$ one and thanks

Hey, certainly, I am willing to tune a non-quickbox installation as well. That’s no issue :slight_smile:

I can accept PayPal, BTC and Monero. All I need is a way to access root to apply tweaks.

Just let me know :slight_smile:

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I actually just setup a new Hetzner box with Quickbox, and I’m loving it so far. How much would you want for the tuning? And I’ll pay in BTC. Where can I email/pm you at to start the process? ty!