Quickbox Translation for Japanese


To popularize the seedbox in my country, I want to translate Quickbox UI to Japanese. Do you know how to do this? Maybe within 1 month I can complete the translation but I am not good at programming.


This is the master you should translate:

Thank you for offering your help! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!
But, how can I edit the file? with Word or other software?


If you dont use GitHub, just copy it into word and edit


Thanks a lot!
I think my translation will be finished in few days.
If finished, when do you apply it to Quickbox?


You can email the file to [email protected] once you are done and we will build the necessary switches the day you submit, along with credits to you for the translation! :smiley:

Thanks for doing this!!!


Is this still in progress?
I could also assist with the translation into Japanese.


@rafekun hasn’t submitted any translations as of yet, so if this is something you would like to take on, it would be of tremendous value!