QuickBox Pro v2.3.2

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v2-3-2/

This version is due for release today – Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

This version is considered a patch release. After the initial release of v2.3.0 and it’s subsequent hotfix release v2.3.1 we are pleased to introduce v2.3.2! In this release we have addressed some lingering issues either introduced by the new rewrite of the dashboard or via applications that have updated their own patterns and install methods. It’s a catch-up game and we’re really good at it! 😛

We would like to also extend our thanks to our incredible community of members who are kind enough and patient enough to point out any lingering issues. QuickBox has an abundance of moving parts so there are times when things slip under the radar. Massive amounts of love to you guys and here’s to more amazing features and many more years! 💓

For more changes, please review the changelog below.

RUTorrent: set launch button on RTorrent row if installed and active
Grafana: version update to 7.0.3
Update nginx editor notice on apps - adjust modal size
SABnzbd: execute SABnzbd.py for service (better build and execution on all platforms)
Set more reliable check on if rclone service is running
Show number of torrents loaded using users session if app is installed
Horizontal scrolling on viewing rclone upload logs
Set user email column on User Admin page view
Update permissions on torrent file locations for proper output of # torrents loaded
RUTorrent/Quota: updated quota checks for diskspace plugin
RTorrent: update location match case on builds =< 0.9.6 to avoid fail
Adjust the alignment of top navigation dropdown menus
Address error thrown on admin user edit when editing a user
BTSync: ensure proper service control
BTSync: set proper syntax on removal to remove leftover files/directories
Set link to web console on service control center
Rclone: address service control for stopping service
Deluge: update completion path to Deluge on build finish
Grafana: set proper values for dashboard views on update to avoid bad display
Nextcloud: ensure that php7.3 is installed per build requirements
INSTALLER (released): addressed lingering issues causing broken application dashboards on install