QuickBox Pro v2.3.0

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v2-3-0/

This version been released on Friday, May 29, 2020.

QuickBox Pro v2.3.0 is now out! To avoid any errors on the update, and since this is a complete overhaul of nearly everything, please run the following first:

cd /tmp
git clone --quiet --branch "master" https://lab.quickbox.io/QuickBox/Pro.git >/dev/null
chmod -R +x Pro/
\cp -rf Pro/bin/qbUpdate /etc/QuickBox/system/updater/qbUpdate
sleep 3

Should you had already ran the update, run an additional qb fix version and this should sort out any underlying issues.

This version is considered a major release. After many long days and nights and an incredible amount of testing, we are finally on the threshold of delivering our largest update to date!

This update brings in a completely new design as well as some enhancements (of course) and loads of fixes that have been posted from various application developers. This is why we’re making the bump from v2.1.8 to v2.3.0!

We do apologize for the delay on this release, however, with the current status of the world and presenting application developers time to spend on their own developments, it has been a fairly large undertaking in both keeping up and getting our own platform updated. Additional to this, we have been doing the most extensive testing performed yet! We do this to ensure that you get the very best from us and an easy update without any lingering issues… in short… we’re making 100% sure that everything is just right!

Now let’s review!

  • Newer technologies are used such as Bootstrap 4 and an updated jQuery. Snappy and cleaner
  • New app to user binding – say goodbye to the old app lock system that was in place (this is a core update and trust me when I say it’s massive and was a massive undertaking)
  • PHP is now running as php7.4 (upgraded from php7.3) – Again, a decent performance boost on the dashboard response times.
  • None of those application status panels and now implementing an easier table. This provides a cleaner and easier to read/manage interface for the apps installed. In a future release will also have the ability to swap between a card style view and the list style view as seen on the tables with this new release.
  • We have reduced ajax calls, meaning… even more of a performance increase!
  • App queue processing! That’s right, no more hard exit and having to run qb fix dpkg to remove stubborn application install locks. We are now using an application queue process, so if you are installing an app, close the window and continue with installing another app you will be greeted with a “hold” message that will remove once the previous application process completes and installation of the next app will begin. This does set the framework for multi-app installs in a future release!
  • System response feedback on application removal. Gone are the days of installing an application and waiting for a page reload. We have now introduced the feature to review the uninstall process. Takes out the guesswork and provides more relevant feedback. Ah, it’s the small things.

Take a look at some quick screenshots of what to expect!

For more changes, please review the changelog below. There may even be more added before the release (due on Wednesday, but could be tomorrow from the time of this posting) so be sure to keep an eye out. Once this release goes into the wild we’ll be back on track and of course we have a load of exciting features and updates that we’ll start pulling in!

Dashboard 3.0!
php7.3 updated to php7.4
user application lock setting is now improved with user to app_id binding!
  • all application build files completion messages updated
    • all completion messages are now cohesive and contain more relevant information on successful build completion.
  • set new lock queue function on app install/uninstall
    • if another application is in the process of installing or uninstalling, use a queue method rather than setting a lock and exiting
Headphones: set additional dependencies to dlist2
better python3 conversion on update
Lidarr: updated the build
LazyLibrarian: updated the build
set additional dpkg removal variables for cleaner dpkg lock fix
theme swapping will not require nginx reloads as we clear opcache
RTorrent/ruTorrent: update lock check processing
updated user create/delete checks and balances
double check software-common-properties are installed on system during update
Subsonic: set default openjdk-8 for build - subsonic does not work with latest v11
pyLoad: adjust wrapping values on web port inserts on pyload build
Subsonic: update openjdk package to v11 on build
Mylar3: update build
improved `qb fix dpkg` to remove leftover `.dat` files
update nodejs to 14x for npm required apps on build
App process queue! set new app package queue loop on build/remove
NZBHydra2: update openjdk dependency to 11
X2Go: remove `xscreensaver` on the build as it's a resource hog
API calls are now routed via CDN
FlexGet: ensure python3-pip is installed
update qbittorrent and libtorrent version, add tuning for basic seeding
upgrade python3 to stable 3.8.2 and adjust global alts for better global compatibility.
  • python: set better alt read on python versions for 2 or 3
    • this presents better overall environment compatibility and keeps up ready for the deprecation of python2 (we're already future-proofed)
ensure unix socket import on user creation if rtorrent is installed
set nginx to reload rather than restart for log gen on trouble shooting
Fail2ban: ensure admin id is passed over to the build
Fail2ban: set adjustments to build
noVNC: use `firefox` base dependency rather than `esr` (extended support release)
SABnzbd: now requires python3 to build/run
SABnzbd: address broken repo additions on the build causing apt depend errors
Grafana: update version to `6.7.3`
rclone: update version grabbing on mergerfs during build
AutoDL: address version pulling for proper build/update
User password change: set python3 path on user password change for update on flexget passwords
Let's Encrypt: update hostname per if/else within grafana
Bazarr: set adjustments on python version calls for build
Jackett: version pulling has changed
CouchPotato: address URL location on completion message on install
Deluge: ensure proper directory change on build
Bazarr: address port randomization on bazarr build configs