QuickBox Pro v2.1.8

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v2-1-8/

This version has been released on Sunday, March 8, 2020.

This version is considered a feature release. We’re excited about this release as it not only includes some awesome new requested applications and features and tweaks along with the usual maintenance, but we’re especially excited that this marks the end of our thorough and exhaustive website redesign and gets us back on a solid schedule.

As many of you know, we recently did a massive overhaul to our site. This was to not only make things shiny, it was to bring forth the information, communication, and the community that we are to an easier accessible and more transparent state of delivery. We’re excited about the new site, and excited to be back on schedule, but along with this release comes the start of revamping and building onto our current Knowledge Base.

Without getting carried away on that as we’ve an article (more like a novel) planned for that. Here’s what you can look forward to in this release!

Applications (the long awaited ones) are finally here!

Get your bookworm on with our latest editions to the QuickBox lineup, and don’t forget to track down these projects independently and throw a thank you and/or a donation their way.

LazyLibrarian LazyLibrarian is a SickBeard, CouchPotato, Headphones-like application for ebooks, audiobooks and magazines. It uses a combination of Goodreads Librarything and optionally GoogleBooks as sources for author info and book info.
Mylar3 Mylar is an automated Comic Book (cbr/cbz) downloader program for use with NZB and torrents written in python. It supports SABnzbd, NZBGET, and many torrent clients in addition to DDL.

Per user shell environment assignment.

It was requested that Admin/Super Admin be able to assign users to specific shells. Owing to the fact that some system administrators are running servers with trusted users and there are no security concerns with granting access to the /bin/bash or even sudo privileges. Well we’re happy to say the ability to add on a per user basis to an assigned shell environment is here!

Along with this feature you’ll notice we’ve done a little redesign to the users Edit Account page.

Assign users to limited, full, or even sudo
So what do these options mean?
  • sudo – Grants the user full sudo access. This is complete access to the total server.
  • full – Grants the user access to the /bin/bash environment for the ability to run more complex commands and navigation, but without the access to the entire server.
  • limited – This is the default shell environment for all users that are not Admin or Super Admin. Users created will automatically be assigned this shell.

Check out the full list of changes and editions below. Remember to be on the lookout for more as we are always hard at work building a better QuickBox Pro!

Mylar3: now included!
Admin can now assign per user preferred shell environment from user edit page
LazyLibrarian: now included!
RTorrent: added .rtorrent.rc.enhanced
Browser scrollbar aesthetics -webkit
Lidarr: wildcard on service file per username
BTSync (Resilio Sync): better build and removal handling
Jackett: added separate service files per user (reliability on service)
  • Sonarr: added qb update sonarr variables for updating v2 > v3, v2 and v3 standalone
    • v2 to v3 qb update sonarr + USERNAME
    • Update v2 qb update sonarr 2 USERNAME
    • Update v3 qb update sonarr 3 USERNAME
Sonarr: added better argument handling to build/update
Deluge: adjusted deluge reverse to /USERNAME/deluge for better auth and remote connections (new installs only)
Radarr: added qb update radarr USERNAME command function
Rclone: more stable unmount parameter
RTorrent/Flood: added xmlrpc size_limit flag to .rtorrent.rc to ensure successful addition of torrents through Flood UI
TheLounge: added backup for default config on install
x2Go: removed wildcard from x2goserver purge on removal
Avoid syslog bloat
noVNC: adjusted order of operations on package removal for better process purging
Radarr: added better permissions on config during the build
ZNC: added dependency for build to support libicuuc.so.64
Sonarr: removed dupe -config flag on service file
x2Go: elevation edits on the build for sub users
Reduce password errors by disabling the ability to add ! to passwords (breaks mysql connections)