QuickBox Pro v2.1.6

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v2-1-6/

This version has been released on Saturday, February 1, 2020.

This version is considered a maintenance release packed with some great new features and enhancements. After countless sleepless nights and power packed test sessions we’re happy to deliver v2.1.6! This version comes complete with numerous enhancements to both applications as well as the much requested ability to run rclone uploads as well as remove the lock set in place during uploads from the ease of your dashboards. We didn’t stop there, we also added the option for viewing the upload log entry and extended it to be multi-user install friendly! Please keep in mind this will still require an Admin of the server to install/setup for the user, but the ease is there for Admin as the user can now run the uploads and remove locks if needed on their own terms.

Oh look, it’s a new status panel!

With this adjustment came a tweak to the qb upload command that has accompanied rclone. As of v2.1.6 the qb upload command will now be qb rclone [upload | logs | remove_lock] USERNAME. This command can only be ran via an Admin for a user in CLI. Users however, can access these same functions via their dashboard on the new status panel (seen above).

Speaking of Admin users, we’ve revamped the function to promote users to Admin on the system. This now gives them more control to better serve in supporting additional tasks and users on the system.

Another big enhancement that we’re excited about is qBittorent and Deluge v2 can now be installed side-by-side. Not only can they be installed at the same time now, they are additionally built much faster with the help of compiling via the .deb packages. That’s right; say goodbye to the famous 10 minute Deluge install times!!!

Of course, there is much more to this release so please check out the additional details below.

RTorrent: ability to upgrade/downgrade versions
RTorrrent: include version 0.9.8 w/ Libtorrent 0.13.8
GUI: Rclone: users now have a status panel with rclone options [upload,view logs, remove lock]
RTorrent: better lock to database handling on upgrading between versions
Deluge v2 and qBittorent can now be installed side-by-side
qBittorrent: Install via deb package for much faster builds
Bazarr: set python3.8 path on the build
Better admin promotion/demotion on environment usage
Set user level values on builds (better admin and access links)
Updated password check values on user handler
CLI: better reads on user environment via userlevel on app packages and system functions
GUI: permit system Admin users to access Web Console
GUI: added regex for illegal characters on passwords (avoid characters that break linux/mysql) ~`'/\^&"
Let's Encrypt: additional syntax on lock to purge old hostname from grafana on cert install
Grafana: wrap username/password variables in quotes to comply with complex passwords on import
Grafana: render beta releases on qb update grafana for proper build should they exist
Grafana: render beta releases should they exist for proper build
Display separate lock message on app installs for admin vs user
Improved exiting message if app install lock is present
Force username sanitation (lowercase) to ensure linux compatibility
  • Syncthing: enable multi-user build/install
    • - No longer just a single user to install, now supports multiple builds and installs
    • - Users must be assigned to the Application Access group
Security: Additional server hardening configs added
Rclone: qb upload is now qb rclone [upload | logs | remove_lock] USERNAME
  • Rclone: Now supporting multi-user installs
    • - No longer just a single user to install, now supports multiple builds and installs
    • - Users must be assigned to the RClone Access group
Let's Encrypt: ensure grafana is issued a restart on hostname adjustments
Filebrowser: config dropdown should only be seen by admin or +
Filebrowser: set to install previous version from source as 2.1.0 is broken due to mime-type mismatch
Updater: ensure that app and system directories are built even if directories are missing
Jellyfin: set base url for functional nginx reverse on install
Ombi: updater for ombi was creating blank archives
Flexget: adjust pypath for flexget build & ensure python3.8 is used on build
ruTorrent: load cloudscraper module from pip for _cloudflare plugin
ruTorrent: plugin array updated with proper naming relations
Jackett: ensure qb update jackett USERNAME does not overwrite service file