QuickBox Pro v2.1.4

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v2-1-4/

This version has been released on Sunday, December 15, 2019.

This version is considered a maintenance release. Continuing from the release of v2.1.3, we have improved some applications build processes to ensure more positive builds across various environments. Along with improving builds we have revamped the updater for QuickBox to be a little lighter and a little faster! Improved areas were the updating of the System Dashboard as well as porting over changes to our RClone move script. This will now place the proper changes/additions to those with RClone already installed.

qb update quickbox and qb fix version revamped
Added notice to RClone on PMC in the event it's already installed
RClone: improved move.sh with user sourced from database
RClone: set RClone as an access group (user placed in group can install rclone)
Reduced resource usage on pushgateway for top processes
Grafana: update prometheus and pushgateway
Dashboard: improved live feed on top processes
Dashboard: removed erroneous calls in qb service scripts
Dashboard: improved service files for qbnetwork and qbtop
Dashboard: removed monthly/year network data tab as it causes very high loads with long historical data
Installer: set varchar to a value of 255 to avoid failed entries from ipv6 in some cases
noVNC: set shell variables on package for install,remove
pyLoad: set shell variables on package for install,remove
Ensure proper shell is set on password change
Lecert: added input from file rather than hostname command on influx
Flood: set shell variables on package for install,remove
set locks on user process array to ensure that only users w/ apps installed are shown
Deluge: updated archive source for v1 download
Ensure qbnetwork service starts in proper order on boot/reboot
QBittorrent: edits for Debian installs
RClone: update rclone move file on updater
RClone: addressed syntax escaping causing move.sh to miss variables on the build
Flexget: set shell variables on package for install,remove,update
Flexget: tweak build to work on some xanmod installs
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