QuickBox Pro v2.1.0

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v2-1-0/

This version has been released on Monday, October 14, 2019.

This version is considered a feature maintenance release. This release contains a load of exciting new requests that have been a long time in waiting. Of these is finally the ability to install and/or update Sonarr v3! For existing installs of Sonarr v2, simply type in ssh as root (remember to sudo su -) the command : qb update sonarr USERNAME, where USERNAME is the user whom is having the Sonarr v2 updated to v3. Please take a backup of your current Sonarr v2 install before attempting to update, you won’t be able to update without creating a backup first.

Additional to Sonarr v3 is the inclusion of Bazarr! Check out the changelog below on it’s ssh commands until we update our Knowledge Base articles in it’s regards. Of course, we have included numerous adjustments and fixes with more exciting features due for next release!

Updating Sonarr v2 to v3

Want to update Sonarr v2 to v3? Of course you do! Before you can update, it is advised that you first take a backup of your current Sonarr install; without an update you’ll hit this sanity check:

If no backup exist for Sonarr, the update will exit until one exist at /home/USERNAME/.config/NzbDrone/Backups/manual/

To backup your current Sonarr database do the following:

  • Go to https://SERVERIP/USERNAME/sonarr and click on the System link
  • Once on the System page, click the Backup tab
  • Finally, hit the Backup button to create the backup
  • After making the backup you can now successfully update your Sonarr from v2 to v3!
  • Bazarr now available
    • - qb install bazarr USERNAME installs Bazarr
    • - qb remove bazarr USERNAME removes Bazarr
  • Sonarr version options for install:
    • - qb install sonarr USERNAME installs Sonarr v2
    • - qb install sonarr 3 USERNAME installs Sonarr v3
    • - qb update sonarr USERNAME to update Sonarr from v2 to v3 per user
    • - qb remove sonarr 2 USERNAME removes Sonarr v2
    • - qb remove sonarr 3 USERNAME removes Sonarr v3
qb update phpmyadmin to update phpMyAdmin to latest
Updated sessions expiry db column type to bigint for better compatibility
phpMyAdmin now dynamically updates to latest version on qb update
Dynamic version pulling of phpMyAdmin | added update for phpmyadmin
Better management of Flood service in handling multi-user targets
Only adjust QB version on .bash_qb (Save bash prompt setting integrity)
Grafana now pulls latest version dynamically for install/update
Ensure proper naming on database inserted lock values during calibre build
Grafana update to 6.3.6
Adjusted UID/GID arguments on rclone install
Set proper order of data displayed on BW/Totals
Updated user sanitation on user creation (force lowercase for Linux sanity)
Netdata removal/update updated for better removal and updating
qBittorrent build adjustments for Debian 10
Ensure that users .config directory is built on Jackett install
Adjust multi user values on Headphones service
RClone uninstaller changes (remove leftover move.sh function and cronjob)
Proper lock removal on jellyfin uninstall
Addressed missing port display on QBittorrent status panel
Updated qbnetwork on Grafana build/update
qb update lang
[installer] Ensure .config directory is included on /etc/skel building