QuickBox Pro v2.0.8

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v2-0-8/

This version has been released on Monday, September 2, 2019.

This version is considered a maintenance release. Within this release we’ve included a number of requested features as well as community findings for minor issues. From addressing leftover configs on user deletion to ensuring the proper configuration settings are stored on ruTorrent with updating, there’s a little bit here for everyone. In this release we’re also incredibly excited about our inclusion of RClone! That’s right, it’s been the talk of the town for several weeks and we’ve been gearing up and testing hard to get this one just right. The install is straight forward and very simple, it’s a more than welcome addition to hundreds… myself included 😉

Let’s thank bate and athelmil once more for their hard work on this; it’s been weeks in the making and these guys worked hard together to get this released!

Here are the values that will be available for RClone via CLI (please note this is not a multi-user app):

  • qb install rclone username – installs unencrypted rclone
  • qb install rclone username encrypted – installs encrypted rclone
  • qb upload – forces rclone sync

As per our usual, check out the changelog below for all the goodies!

qb update lang added to pull updated translation values as they are added
Updater - add configs to updater for ruTorrent
Delete leftover user info files on user deletion
Improved club-QuickBox theme update for ruTorrent on updater
Improved php updating
Application array updated on user deletion
Increase php pool children to 30
Added nzbhydra2 to backup/restore/edit functions
Addressed autodl-irssi rutorrent plugin install issues
Jackett mono-less no longer requires .config directory adjustments
Ensure webconsole lock is properly removed on uninstall
Update broken keyserver, added buster catch for failed xfce install
Adjusted font color on dropdowns for user edit
Ensure additional lock values are removed from database on user deletion
Insert autodl lock for additional users on autodl build
Additional port grabbing entries added to autodl build (admin/user)
Additional missing applications added to sudoers array
Ensure php-memcached is module to read for 7.3 update
Only Admin+ to see torrent client config options on status panels
Ensure viewed reverse config for app nginx editing is current
Addressed function on qb fix time
qb fix encode updated