QuickBox Pro v1.5.2

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/uncategorized/quickbox-pro-v1-5-2/

This version is due for release on Friday, May 24, 2019.

This version is considered a Patch Release. Coming off of additional reports from our outstanding community, this is a part 2 of 3 hotfix release. We have updated several reports as seen in the changelog below, as well as included a more fail-safe approach to the API.

Less output on depend installation
Failsafe for APIs
ZNC now builds from source (latest)
Additional output on dpkg locks
Re-arrange of fix dpkg
X2GO uninstall
Some users having API cutouts
Transmission Build
Docker updater for some installations
Addressed lock from database on znc
Avoid configuration suppression on znc build
Netdata updater
Deluge link not working on some installs
Numerous App links addressed
Tautulli lock from database addressed
Compatibility for old Medusa Builds