QuickBox Pro v1.5.0

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v1-5-0/

This version is due for release on Thursday, May 23, 2019 (UTC).

This version is considered a Minor Release. Keep in mind, even though this is a minor release package, there are some very big changes to the core delivery of our applications. A long requested feature has been to bring back a CLI modular approach such as the box command in our Community Edition. Well, we are happy to announce that the goodness is back! It has been built from the ground up to cater specifically to Pro Edition and is known as qb. An example to install RTorrent would be qb install rtorrent 0.9.7. You guessed it! This would install RTorrent v0.9.7 and it’s accompanied Libtorrent version. With this addition we have also added better dpkg handling on installing applications, this means there is a reduced chance of encountering dpkg locks on installing applications from the dashboard or CLI, whatever your flavor of awesomeness!

The core has been completely rewritten and though most of this is an underlying change, it paves the way for a load of exciting additions to come in the future. One change you will immediately notice on your Dashboards is during the uninstall of an application. YOu will now see the very same System Response widget modal that pops up during install, on the removal of apps. This does a few things

  • It gives greater transparency in package removal
  • Reduces the chances of dpkg locks by way of interaction on application removal as users can now watch the process to completion, rather than guess when an application is done fully uninstalling in the background as it has done in previous versions.
  • Reduces some javascript calls that were used previously to announce via gritter popups that a package was uninstalling.

Of course, there are additional fixes and enhancements, with a lot more on the way! Check out the changelog below to get the full scope!

Added Application Log on LOGS page for relevant install/removal by user and time
FAIL2BAN: qb install fail2ban
  • qb fail2ban config
  • qb fail2ban unban [IP]
  • qb remove fail2ban
qb fix home added to address user home directory permissions
New App install/remove/update process (qb [install/remove/update] [app] [username])
Removal of apps now displays relevant uninstall system response modal (no more popups)
Removed Aliases from custom bashrc as new qb core handles naming conventions/chores
Unlinking API Check from PHP to ensure continued responsiveness
Application locks are now stored in the QuickBox database
  • This assists in better visibility of applications installed as well as ports used by applications. Thus reducing permissions issues viewing assigned ports from application config files.
Better handling of dpkg locks on application builds
Better API checks (no performace degredation on calls home if API down/maintenance)
Updated navigation paths to dashboard changelog
EMBY: Build now installs version
CSF: Removed in favor of fail2ban
Ensure nzbhydra is fully removed from users home directory on uninstall
qb fix dpkg automatically resolves duplicate config files
Output of Automatic Updates
CSS align on update panel (buttons and large displays)
Resellers: rTorrent install on Reseller installation