QuickBox Pro v1.3.1

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/changelogs/quickbox-pro-v1-3-1/

This version has been released on Friday, April 12, 2019.

This version is considered a Patch Release. We’ve cleaned up a few residual bugs that occurred from our jump to v1.3.0 as well as fixed a few underlying issues with applications on their builds. One such is ruTorrent now has new requirements on certain plugins, this was leaving users with fresh installs facing errors in regards to missing plugins and dependencies. Additionally, we’ve addressed an issue that hopped in on the v1.3.0 release wherein additional created sub-users were being staged with missing port ranges within their assigned rtorrent.rc files.

We’ve also added in a couple of extra commands to our qb CLI to make things easier for those playing on the command line. Those commands are qb api and qb fix admin [database_name]. You can see a bit more about those in the changelog below.

qb api - This command does the following:
  • De-activate if activated
  • Activated if not
  • Output all information regarding API
qb fix admin [database_name] command added to address bad mysql password additions
Update modal converted to Update page for cleaner update and changelog viewing.
qb user command updated with examples for usage
AUTODL-IRSSI: Better purging of irssi on removal
DELUGE: Remove whitespacing to avoid issues on some server instances with deluge build
Resellers: Better protection of reseller keys
Updated sudoers.d template to work with new range of handlers
JELLYFIN: Addressed build sources
X2GO: Removal of .x2go dir on uninstall
RUTORRENT: ruTorrent plugins dependant on _task
RTORRENT: Addressed port range not being set on newly created users .rtorrent.rc
FILEBOT: Build addressed for proper install
VPN: Ensure proper zip archive is created on openvpn build
Docker Version: Updated docker extract location on install