QuickBox Pro ETA?

Hi there,

I wasn’t able to find anything on your site or the forums other than the mention of it-but when is/will QuickBox Pro become a thing? Looks like it might have some really good features!


Quickbox pro? Only @jmsolo know when it will be released.

QuickBox_Pro is coming along very nicely and now has a guaranteed launch date! This has finally been determined as of today! The launch is set for April 20, 2018.

Here’s a quick preview of QuickBox Pro:


I am going to finally have an extensive article written and published about Pro by this coming Friday.
The nitty gritty is the following:

  • Database authentication, no more browser auth for the dashboard
  • Independent of rutorrent php classes and file needs. That means r/rutorrent can be installed independently on install or after
  • User session control
  • Sub users disk space preview
  • UI user creation and management, ssh is not needed anymore and values are stored in the database
  • Nginx
  • …a lot more… and more to come after launch!

Very excited for this and can’t wait to support QuickBox Pro!

QB Pro looks smashing @JMSolo !

Will there be an upgrade function from QB to QB PRo - or will it require a fresh install?

For now there is no upgrade option as the two versions are night and day. The structure on the packages are setup differently for one big change, along with nginx now serving as the webserver. The database isn’t so much an issue as that data could be ported through from the htpasswd files, although, QuickBox Pro is a very large rewrite of, well, everything. :smiley:

in short, its a bit like a seedbox CMS


This is cool. Omg! How much ??

Hello, beautiful project ! It is possible to try the beta in order to report possible errors ?
If yes, sens me a PM :wink:
Thanks for your amazing work !

The article for QuickBox Pro will be ready for publishing today. There will be many more details expressed within.

@Whisper40, I may consider shooting you a PM today as there are a few items that will need extensive testing before the release date. I’m not going to be giving many beta slots out as they are mostly reserved for staff and #beta-squad members. I’ll get in touch with you either later today or tomorrow. :smiley:

I want too… :joy:

Hello, i’m here if you need :wink:

Nginx is a huge sell. I’ll definitely be on board. Don’t forget HTTP/2 once LetsEncrypt is setup for it.

As there has been an announcement this post is no longer needed.