Quickbox Pro 2.3.4 QBittorrent settings problem

Hi there i have a server running quickbox pro 2.3.4 and when i go into qbittorrent settings and save it, it completely crashes qbittorrent out, and the only way back is a reinstall. i didnt have any problems when i was on 2.3.2 only now.
Has anyone else got this problem, qbittorrent is working and downloads, but i need the settings to change where they download instead of changing location on every torrent.

Thanks for any help…Paul :slight_smile:

To change the storage location, just select those torrents (by ctrl/shift and click), and right-click. Choose “Set location…” to change the path. For automated method, you can enable “Automatic Torrent Management” and set location for some Category. When you add torrent with Category, they will save to the location you just set.