Quickbox On ARM?

Have someone ever try to run quickbox on ARMv7 Cortex A9 ?
for VIA NANO, i have tried it and its work
dunno about the ARM
if somebody can give me a hint if ARM can running it

Arm will not run it due to required depended files not being built for ARM if i remember right


if you can get a true server os such as ubuntu iso then you can get quickbox to run but running modded ubuntu like rasb pi will not work due to many dependencies not working


i really interested about this two, especially the SYS as there is no setup fee for moment
but @demonotaku is right

We do not support ARM. We considered it for a fleeting moment, but decided against it.

The script will work on a scaleway (any of the x86 processors), but it stalls because Scaleway uses some non-standard apt configs that will confuse the installer (apt is waiting for interactive input that never comes as output is suppressed). You can tail the log, find out where the hangup is, remove the conf and start the installer again and it should work perfectly.

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