QUICKBOX NEEDS more Developers

If you have any type of programming and or skills that might be useful to advancing QuickBox from where it is. or supporting what is here already. PLEASE do help as this is a community people need to contribute to make it grow. As of now really only one Developer and he is feeling the stress from it. If you have a fix for a bug or have a bug you can use the github system to make a contribution and if you can not help in programming sense Donations also help us to find incentive for others to help.


I help when I Can :slight_smile:


As I’m finding things, I’m doing my best to see if I can implement changes to push to the repo for others :slight_smile:

I’m not a full on programmer, but I enjoy fixing things as I find them.


You guys are exactly what we need. QuickBox was initially built to be a community project, the problem arose when we didn’t have a lot of people contributing… so @liza and myself set out on a quest to make the most complicated and hard to follow Repository in the history of GitHub… ok ok, I did that. We did however make massive amounts of code babies.

I know it can be a little intimidating to some, but once you get the gist of where everything is at and it’s basic functions/calls… it’s easy. I promise! I value every bit of effort anyone puts towards the project and try to take it all into consideration. With more people contributing to the project (in any way possible), we can get back on track to what QuickBox is and always has been (or at the very least intended to be) and that is an Open Source, Business Grade platform for new and veteran users alike to participate in building and growing a quality FREE solution that is offered to anyone with a server/VPS.

We’ll get there and it’s been an exhausting year with the amount of growth the project has seen (which has been incredible). Not to mention, we have these grand plans for QuickBox in the coming couple of months that I personally have no doubt people are going to love.

Keep 'em coming and thanks for the support so far. @d2dyno, you’re like @dtech_banned was before he got busy on the backend with rclone services and server maintenance. The most annoying (but tremendously useful TOOL in the shed) :stuck_out_tongue:



I wish I had the skills to contribute to the code. This is an awesome project, you’ve done very well.

I will however be making some more/regular donations when I’m fully back on feet/got some important bills/debts out of way.

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Any donation helps either with helping with server cost and if we get enough income we can pay developers to help and that i think is where qb will grow exponentially. we have a large user base so there are plenty of users… so i see no reason some cannot help more than they do. not you but others we have a userbase of around 400 last time i looked that’s just registered users


@ADz-83, You help plenty by pointing out issues you find here and there. Even if we seem snarky in our responses sometimes, we’re really only trying to confirm and fix the issue. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. This isn’t so much a request to squeeze money out of people, so don’t read into it that way (even if you’re not… just letting you know). This is more a request to get people active on the project as it has always (and was created) to be a joint effort… that has since ruled my life :stuck_out_tongue:

…and with about 2K unique visitors a week… if we could get $1 from each visitor I would be able to devote some full-time love to this. However, I don’t count on anything these days :wink:


you know my direction and I think if QB moves that way then it would be pretty easy for people to add apps and contribute. They dont have to even build the images…just point it to existing images on dockerhub, figure out the reverse proxy stuff and create small scripts to install and uninstall. I think you’ll see people adding all sorts of things. It’s not just the linuxserver.io docker images. There is a world out there of pre-built images.

my headphones script is 18 lines long(including white space)…yours(including white space) is 130. I let the image do the heavy lifting.

docker run -d \
  --restart always \
	--name=$USER-headphones \
	-v $DOCKER_CONFIG/headphones:/config \
	-v $DOCKER_DOWNLOADS:/downloads \
	-v $DOCKER_STORAGE:/music \
	-e PGID=$(id -g) \
	-e PUID=$(id -u) \
	-e TZ=$(cat /etc/timezone) \
	-l "traefik.frontend.rule=PathPrefix: /$USER/headphones" \

#set base
sleep 5s
docker stop $USER-headphones
sed -i "s/http_root.*/http_root = \/$USER\/headphones/g" $DOCKER_CONFIG/headphones/config.ini
docker start $USER-headphones
sqlite3 $DOCKER_CONFIG/organizr/www/users.db "insert into tabs (name,url,defaultz,active,user,guest,icon,iconurl,window) values ('Headphones','https://$DOCKER_HOSTNAME/$USER/headphones/home','false','true','true','false','fa-diamond','images/headphones.png','false');"
docker restart $USER-organizr

I’ve never noticed/thought you were being snarky bud. I hope it hasn’t come across that I have thought that. That’s the problem with text talk, you can never hear tone of voice or see body language.

With regards to donations, I know you’re not trying to squeeze bud. I’m more than happy to contribute in that way (Once I get through this month). I think this is an excellent project and you’ve done some nice work so happy to show support by donating and helping find issues etc.

Within the next couple of month, if yourself or somebody else has the time I would be looking to pay for a custom build or some small mods here and there if possible. :thumbsup:

Still waiting on that access to a repo to start collaborating this very vision with you! :wink:



I live and die PHP if you need something let me know :slight_smile:

look at script see what you would change and make merge requests there is always room for growth

Alright :smiley: Also for your services should we do that directly through the marketplace since I had a few questions about that haha.

Services are handled by gurus but which one you have questions about?

Guru is our way of saying we have put the guru thought testing and they came out smelling like a rose they are in part a trusted staff meaning you can trust them with logins and feel your safe. we still recommend passwords change often as you want

Specifically the rclone automation service, it says that it would be completed through TeamViewer but the purchase form asks for login information so it may introduce some privacy concerns.

This is something I have personally considered… perhaps only handling any of these requests specifically through Forum (Private Message) conversation. However, we do redact these details in email and the users account pages. We can see these on the backend, however, we also advise that once we are done with installation services that these passwords be changed for added peace of mind. We additionally delete these PM from the site and database after a period of no communication on the requests.

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the only password that can not be changed sadly due to the nature of how it works is the cloud password. once you change password the token is invalid. but i normally handle in PM.

this was the idea when i made it so that i could help set up the apps without having to ask for tracker passwords but teamviewer had a problem with me connecting to many people and they limited me to 2 min and well nothing can be done that fast

Then this brings up an excellent point. Should we only have those processed via PM here within the Plaza? This could accomplish several things, one of which is getting ahold of customers first to ensure they’re alive. :stuck_out_tongue:

The more I think about it… the more I like this idea. Takes some of the efficiency out of the equation, but does increase member security.