QuickBox Miner?

Hello everyone!

I know this debate will be intense because everyone has his own opinion on crypto-money coin/altcoins subject and it may be too late to discuss about CPU mining (regarding the current BTC value) but I hope it will be useful to someone one day.

I made a script to mine some Monero (XMR) and Dashcoin (DSH) on my dedicated server and it works well.

Some of you are interested in this?

Yep would def be interested in getting the script.


I’m interested too :slight_smile: Thanks for this proposal

Thanks for your interest @tomcdj71 @ezdub :slight_smile:

I’m currently modifing the script because it uses minergate pools with minergate-cli.
I heard pretty bad news about minergate, so I’m migrating the script to use nheqminer with suprnova.cc pools to mine XMR, ZEC and ZEN altcoins.

If some of you have some experience with altcoin mining, don’t hestitate to partcipate :slight_smile:

I’m also interested @PastaGringo :slight_smile:

Happy to heard that :slight_smile:

The “issue” is that for the script works with several altcoins I need several miners (depends on cryptography) and that is the complicated part because that needs to install and configure each miner individually (nheqminer, cpuminer-multi, cpuminer, etc).

If you need something quickly, I can you give you my current script which is working with Minergate.

All of you are ok with Minergate? Otherwise, you will need to wait some time (undetermined due to my current workload…).

Minergate steals hashes, please don’t encourage them.


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Hello @liza :slight_smile:

I heard pretty bad news about minergate

I read few days ago this topic relating about that Minergate could steal hashrates so I decided to migrate from their miner to few others, but it’s a bit more complicated than I expected. That’s why I proposed to use my current script with minergate while I migrate it to another miner. The miner mentioned in your topic (created 4 days ago, didn’t see it) is xmr-stak-cpu. It seems good (nice webui, great for QB) and I will try to use it for my script.

PS : this topic explains also why big pools are a problem (specialy minergate)

Hello @ezdub @tomcdj71 @Guisch

The first “beta” version is available at : https://github.com/PastaGringo/PastaMiner

For now the script does :

  • Download/Build XMR-Stak-CPU (Monero)
  • Create/Start/Stop/Delete miner(s) with wizard (Easy mode) directly to http://minexmr.com/ pool.
  • Manual updater

You simply have to do :

cd folderofyourchoice
git clone https://github.com/PastaGringo/PastaMiner.git
bash ./PastaMiner/PastaMiner.sh

I’m using XMR-cpu-Stak for now but it’s possible that I introduce cpuminer-multi later.

Don’t hesitate to tell me if something is wrong or if you want some updates :slight_smile:

New version based on cpuminer-multi :wink:

With Plex Streams Watch functional :slight_smile: (disable mining when Plex transcodes)

Hey! Thanks for this!

I have just started using quickbox and it is awesome, and I have been in crypto-mining for years… I think the most value with CPU mining you will get out of XMR… anyway… if I might suggest you look into this fork of cpuminer-multi, I think it is the fastest one out there for XMR, so you might wanna consider using it for cryptonight algo…

And one bug I get when I try to access control options in menu of your miner is that I dont get any created workers listed there and worker is running… dont know wny…

Does your watch scrypt also stops mining when using emby?

Anyway… keep up the good work! :wink:

Thanks for your interest @Shamanix :slight_smile:

It’s weird because I tried from the beginning (without cpuminer-multi folder inside the current directory) and it works well (if you typed the correct value regarding server pool etc, otherwise the screen will be “running” but cpuminer will not mine anything). Could you please retry? (or give me your pool details)
PS : the workers configurations are stored in the workers.conf file in the current directory).

Not currently because I’m not a Emby user, but it could be planned in the next releases if people want it.

I also use a fork of the original cpuminer-multi which supports -lot- more algorithms : https://github.com/tpruvot/cpuminer-multi. So you can mine with scrypt, sha256d, cryptonight, etc. My script wants to be “universal” with this particularity.

But there are still few bugs in the script, if people report them to me, I could fix them :slight_smile:

Regarding the coins, I’am agree with you that XMR is a good currency but a bit high ($89.49 today) regarding the others. As I mine with CPU (8c/16threads), the logic -I could be wrong- is to mine currency with low value (for now) to store a maximum of them and wait that their value raise. Currently I’m mining BCN ($0.001447), DSH ($0.014163), XDN ($0.001321) and FCN ($0.084833) simulatenously with the script.
Do you agree with this logic ?

Yes it is a valid strategy to mine lower valued coins to get more of them, but it is more risky to do so… XMR is safer bet… :slight_smile:
The thing is… with increase in hashing performance you might be better off mining XMR and selling it on the exchange and then buying whatever you think is cheap and will moon soon :stuck_out_tongue:
You need to calculate it yourself…

I have just tested and found even faster miner, but it has developer fee that you can reduce to 1%

So my testing on VPS ( 6 core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz) where my quickbox is…

tpruvot fork - 58-65 H/s
OhGodAPet - 65-75H/s
xmrig - 89-93 H/s (+1% dev fee)

What I would suggest you to do is to setup your script to use more miners, for example use xmrig when you want to mine cryptonight algo and use tpruvot for other algos that it supports… that would be great if it is possible…

Could be possible but that requires lot’s of work if I need to deal with several miners… We’ll see :slight_smile:

On which pool do you mine XMR?

I am mining on minexmr.com

xmrig has now after some time jumped to 106H/s, thats almost double what you get with tpruvot fork…

Well… I like your script because it removes the need to manually shut down the miner when watching movies, but I`d rather shut down the miner manually and get double amount of coins I would otherwise get… :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that xmrig is well optimized for XMR ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the Plex Streams Watcher functionnality, you could take the script and change few parameters to adapt to Emby, the watcher is not really complex :wink:


As I said… I am new quickbox user, mainly got it to use it as VPN so I thought why not install quickbox and get all the extras coming with it… quick and easy installation! :wink:

I am not watching movies at all, I am more of a gamer person… but since I got a media server with quickbox, I have installed both plex and emby to try them both and compare them how they perform to see which one I will use… Have my seedbox for 3 weeks now and didn`t manage to do the test yes, so I have no clue which one I will use :smiley:

I will just stick to xmrig for now and watch how your development is going, but yeah… it would be cool to have support for the most optimized miners and both media servers since quickbox support it… :wink:

I have seen some other seedbox installation scripts already integrated cpu-miner into their script… hopefully quikcbox also integrates your script because with just installing and running xmrig I am getting 25-30% cheaper VPS :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey @PastaGringo,
Did u have Minera on your QB server ?

I’ve installed it… But after the OVH crash last week, my server was rebooted… And now i can’t access to QB (Dashboard, rTorrent, and Plex) . I have completely removed Minera from the server restarted Apache, rebooted the server but the Error 404 is always here.

It seems that my torrents are still seeding and i can play movies with the Plex apps. I’m completely lost on this problem… i don’t want to delete all my files with a fresh installation …

Did you know how can i solve this ?

From my experience, the QB dashboard is based on 2 things :

  • QB’s dashboard files located at /srv/rutorrent/home
  • QB’s apache2 configuration file : /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default-le-ssl.conf (when https is enabled)

Could you check if you have some issue with these files ?