QuickBox irc now online! [Closed until additional comms added]

Next to Deluge, an IRC channel has been the most requested addition to the QuickBox project.

I’m proud to say that (after several long days of configuring gigantic text files) that the QuickBox irc server is now ready for public deployment.

The intention is to just have a place to hang out, talk about dev, bug reports, etc – Anything goes! The server itself is quite small at the moment, so if it becomes necessary to scale it up, then so be it. Look forward to seeing you there!

host: irc.quickbox.io
channel: #QuickBox
ports: 6667 default // 6697 ssl (recommended)


lol nobody on… sad

I’m here, with my bouncer! #QuickBox

I don’t expect it to be a crazy busy community, but I thought it would be nice to have the option for those of us who hang around in enough IRC networks as it is :slight_smile:

maybe i did it wrong XD

You did… I’m in there.

:stuck_out_tongue: figures i messed up lol
im using hex chat

should add a web interface for the irssi session from autodl (or quassel) to the dashboard, make the irc channel more accessible for new users to seek realtime assistance.

This is currently in discussion.

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See you inthere…if you guys are not asleep - a bunch of different timezones :wink:

will idle with my seedbox once im home :slight_smile:

any quick link?

Something like this I guess…not sure to get this to work though


I am considering adding in a web-based client such as Kiwi also. No eta or additional thoughts on it, but I think @liara had mentioned we should set it up as well, so I may work on a hasty resolve for that.

seams like this IRC is no longer a thing, looks like the server is no longer running?

Is there another network/channel where some people idle at that I can join?

if you want quickbox chat we have yet to remake the server for it after the last one failed. but the irc is not part of quickbox anymore

It’s still possible to create a Discord or Slack group.
It’s not really in the QuickBox state of mind (because it’s not self-hosted) but they are the least expensive solutions.

we’ll have to talk about it to find the best option. might end up getting a cheap vps for it and resetup rocketchat

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