Quickbox installation with option

HI. I am planning to get guru/tunning service but would like you to advice which option below will work best for Quickbox-Plex streaming? Thanks alot

Hetzner: Intel Core i7 920
2x HDD 2,0 TB SATA Enterprise
RAM6x RAM DDR3 8192 MB

Online.net: Dedibox Classic 2016
32 GB 2 x 250 GB SSD
Dedibox LT 2014
16 GB 2 x 1 TB

you would get more out of the Hetzner 2x2tb =4TB
2x1 the ssd would be a nice thing but in the end how much are you needing it for speed.

i would like to note that you can also add a drive say a ssd if you like on Hetzner you just have to msg them when you’re ordering…

I’m not a major fan of the desktop processors doing a server’s workload, but the storage space is enticing…

How much space do you really need? If you can get it at a good price, the LT 2014 should be a decent model; however, if the price point between the Hetzner and Dedibox were similar, I might be leaning towards Hetzner (unless you’re really planning on pushing the bandwidth and might hit the bandwidth cap at Hetzner)

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One question - How many plex users?

price are similar and space not an issue. plex users not more than 3 and just want to know which hardware will work better for streaming after tunning… thanks again

Then the hetzner solution is more than efficient :grinning: