Quickbox Installation rtorrent continuously loading

Hello, new user to quickbox (not dedicated servers and rtorrent) and all help greatly appreciated! I have searched existing thread, but I can’t find anything on point.

Installed quickbox on SYS server today and did not select to use disk quota (server is only for me) and now rtorrent loads constantly and doesn’t ever fully load. I can still see it, but in chrome the circle is constantly spinning and the screen refreshes don’t update properly.

Also disk space in the front page is some 19gb drive, not the 3.6tb, which reports correctly in rtorrent.

I tried the setdisk command, but this does nothing since I did not use quotas.

fix-disk_widget_home try running that command in ssh

Many thanks. That fixed both! Cheers

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So related to the above…I have to restart autodl-irssi every few days because when I refresh my browser, rtorrent continuously loads and won’t start autodl-irssi until I restart autodl in the console.

Any idea what causes this behavior?

I am getting the exact same issue and so is a friend, if we restart autodl-irssi it works again for a little bit. any ideas?

I dont have that behavior but I would see what the irssi console says when rutorrent isnt responding.
ssh in as your main user and run: screen -r irssi
This will connect you to the irssi screen session and you can see whats going on.
Ctrl-A followed by D will get you back out.

I dont see any issues with the irssi itself and seems to be fine, but still keeps loading in rtorrent, i am using the latest version.

This is going to sound kinda stupid. But I’ve been experiencing the same problem and it has to do with Caching of your browser. I launched Chrome incognito mode and the loading was instant.

Just tried it in a private browser on firefox and works fine, is there any know fix for this? it doesnt do it on my other rutorrent server without quickbox