Quickbox install on vurtualbox! (Solved)

So I downloaded ubuntu server amd64 16.04.3 and virtualbox. I have some experience with virtualbox but almost no experience in ubuntu.

First problem I have is getting vbox additions loaded. It keeps saying that my headers are not right or something about the kernel

Second when I try to install QB I follow the instructions
apt-get -yqq update; apt-get -yqq upgrade; apt-get -yqq install git lsb-release;
git clone https://github.com/QuickBox/QB /etc/QuickBox &&
bash /etc/QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup

from the github. This results in QB loading but having a lot of STAT issues saying that it is an invalid file or directory. It is still looking for Quickbox/ instead of QB/. So by changeing the 2nd instructions it loads into qb

git clone https://github.com/QuickBox/QB /etc/QB
This does install better but still have some issues with the stat and I still get locked out of root. I’m not exactly sure weather it installed correctly or not. This forum was down so I couldn’t find much info on installation… Any help is appreciated

I got it all installed. I used putty this time to ssh into server. I also loaded Vbox Guest additions and setup my shared folders before installing quickbox. So all good

User solved own problem.