QuickBox Guru Installation Services launched!

There have been several requests over the past week to either have QuickBox installed for users or to install as a white-labeled solution. With these particular requests the installs were done and payments were a tad bulky as invoices needed to be created via a separate invoicing system (Freshbooks). This tied up time and created a little more work than really necessary.

Well, today we have finally launched an easier means to satisfy the needs of those seeking expert installation services as well as those looking to white-label QuickBox without asking questions repeatedly and sifting through the overall structure of QuickBox and it’s thousands of lines of code.

The new service can be found at:

There are 2 service options, both are install and here are some additional details on what they provide.

####Guru Installation Service @ $5 USD
This service is catered to anyone that wants to have someone else (maybe the people who manage QuickBox and it’s processes on a daily basis) to setup and install QuickBox on their systems. The fee is $5 per server/per install. A verified QuickBox guru/moderator will login to your server, ensure your partitions are setup properly and examine if any dependencies are needed pre-install.

Confirming the system is prepped and ready, we will install the script according to your desired username for login as well as password… otherwise we will generate one for you.

Post-install we ensure that everything is in proper functioning order. Once determined to be solid, we will deliver. This process should take no more than 1 hour depending on your server hardware.

####QuickBox White-Label Install @ $50 USD
This service is for those that may want to have their own flare added to the QuickBox dashboard. This service does include the install of the script as well. Service includes all the features of the typical Guru Install service with the addition of adding in logo, removing QuickBox references, adjusting color-schemes as well as making adjustments to widget positioning on the dashboard.

The service does not include building in additional packages and plugins, nor will it involve any additional developments to the already included tool-set. It is essentially just that, a white-label solution that offers aesthetic customization’s.

We do plan on offering in a development service in the near future and there will be a separate announce given on it’s launch.

Also, be on the lookout for the official launch of the QuickBox Server/rTorrent Tuneup Service! I expect to see this launched by Friday.


hi. do you accept paypal?

At the moment we only accept Credit Cards via Stripe as the auth gateway. We do plan to add in PayPal eventually, but first we must way the pros and cons of PayPal itself.

paypal will be hard to do they dont want anything to do with torrents including seedboxs idk might be possible but from past experience paypal is a pain, https://www.paygarden.com/ might be better option for alternitive methods of payment @JMSolo

That’s correct… and since QuickBox is technically a startup, it would be defined by PP as an SAAS (Software as a Service). This tends to introduce issues. In the meantime, CC is the best route.

And kudos on the extra options. I’ll take a look at PayGarden and there may be the potential for Bitcoin.


bitcoin is great but also for people who have no clue how to use it gift cards are something you can buy anywhere including online. so even if someone outside of the usa wants to its a great way because they could buy the gift card on say amazon. amazon is another payment method :smiley: they have same thing as paypal with less fees.

This looks great. Is there an option to install an ftp client so i can move content across from an existing box? Probably a dumb question.


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Hi - it looks very great.
How much installation are you required to do yourself?
For instance, I have a Hetzner server in recovery mode, would it be possible for you to choose the best OS and partition size?

In your instance @smilingheadcase, using rsync would be the very best option as FTP is limited to it’s transfer functions… in most cases it could time out and drop the transfer all together, whereas rsync will stay active unattended and transfer much faster. This doesn’t require payment unless you would like us to do this for you… otherwise, just ask and we’ll walk you through it!

Hi @Pinelli, installation in most cases is relatively straight forward. We can most certainly choose a preferred OS as well as hook up proper partitioning. This would involve (especially with Hetzner) modifying your fstab manually as the script changes fstab in most traditional senses, yet Hetzner have a different group of settings (which we are familiar with). We will also check out your system kernel to ensure it is up-to-date and does not have any grsec blocks that could have adverse affects on quotas… and do the standard script install coupled with testing it to make sure it’s 100% before delivery.

Also, as a bonus for having a Guru install… we’ll even set your IP up on our DNS with an A record and install a secured SSL using Let’s Encrypt. You would then have a subdomain such as, pinelli.quickbox.io. We do guarantee an A+ certificate rating as well.

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Thanks @JMSolo, I might pick up a Hetzner over the weekend and get you guys to set it up.


Sounds good, just let us know when you’re ready. :slight_smile:

wget works as well for moving from box to box lol works on all boxes :smiley:

add to original post lol just so people know at first glance :slight_smile:

side note might also want to add a section on this on github :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:
though you probably already thought of that too :stuck_out_tongue: lmao

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It’s just now being finalized… simmer down @dtech_banned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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hi. tuning services only for Quickbox user?

I can tune a server using whatever software you install, that is not an issue. If you do, just please make sure to give me a bit of information about your setup in the notes.