QuickBox Forum Update (plaza.quickbox.io)

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/quickbox-forum-update-plaza-quickbox-io/

With the recent update to the QuickBox.IO website we are introducing a new measure that will allow additional security and anonymity for our members. We know that a publicly open forum is a great thing… however; the one caveat to such a forum is anyone’s ability to view entire threads and comments without needing an…


I have begun a few runs of the Single-Sign-On between QuickBox.IO and the QuickBox Plaza. There may be a few intermittent anomalies as a result. These are just some quick test runs and nothing more. We do plan to have this implemented and in full effect over the next couple of days.

Since this has been asked several times in regards to the privatization of the Plaza I would like to address it short and sweet.

Do the forums going private mean that QuickBox is to monetize it’s platform and start charging per install?

The answer is simple… Absolutely Not! :smiley:

This is yet another feature that we feel should be a bit more exclusive in terms of access. A quick examination of our community reveals but one thing. It’s an excellent community and it contains an incredible resource for knowledge on various applications in general, not just limited to QuickBox (which isn’t much to be humbly honest).

We would like to see our community stay as solid and high quality as they are now and into the foreseeable future. We owe this to every one of our members! It takes a village to build a … whatever. We’re great and 100% awesome… OK!!!

We want to further ensure that this is nothing more than exclusivity, a tidy and cordial wag of the ol’ epeen… nothing more :stuck_out_tongue:

With the future plans of QuickBox, we want to additionally express that there may be a paid-for version of QuickBox. This version will have more features and more intended growth outwards. It will also come with most services as a standard. This does not mean the current QuickBox will not be and remain an Open-Source solution for those not willing/able to pay a one-off fee for install. Anyone whom has taken a small amount of time to ask a question and received impeccable and friendly (not to mention prompt) service from a thing such as QuickBox which is free, will most likely get that this decision is not one based of money… but of preservation.

More details to follow!


Looks nice! :slight_smile: