Quickbox Dashboard Space (solved)

Followed the guide Setting up So You Start servers for install

Installed quick box, is there a way to change disk status to check /home instead of I guess that first mount point “/”?

when installing quickbox it should have given you an option to pick one or the other.

No options to pick

Only options I get is

Do I want Quotas, I selected no.

What rtorrent version, what deluge version, name of master account/pass, if I want to install ffmpeg and do I want to allow public trackers.

cd /srv/rutorrent/home/widgets

what disk data shows up?

if it is disk_data.php
nano disk_data.php
remove everything there and copy over the text from this then ctrl o to save and ctrl x to exit
if that does not fix it let me know.


Fixed it thanks for the help!

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This helped me out too, thanks!

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