QuickBox Community vs. QuickBox Pro



My suggestion is that you should have a clear and easy to locate list of features and difference between QuickBox Pro and QuickBox Community.

There is no motivation for me to spend money on a “Pro” version without knowing what I’m getting for my money.

And I might be lazy or dumb, but I couldn’t easily find such a list. And other people will be lazy or dumb too, so if you want their money you should make it as easy as possible to find that list.

The first places I checked:

  1. The QuickBox.io homepage <- you should have a link to “List of features in Pro version” on the front page
  2. The “Pro Version” menu on the header bar <- the drop down menu should have a “Features” page
  3. The FAQ section of the forum <- list of Features should be stickied

After finding nothing clear and easy in those three places, I gave up.

I’m giving this criticism because I want you to succeed, and if you’re going to make money you need better information (marketing).


Thanks for the feedback - and your completely right…sadly we get dragged towards other problem areas - this has been on our todo list for a while and it will get done at some point.