QuickBox Community vs. QuickBox Pro

My suggestion is that you should have a clear and easy to locate list of features and difference between QuickBox Pro and QuickBox Community.

There is no motivation for me to spend money on a “Pro” version without knowing what I’m getting for my money.

And I might be lazy or dumb, but I couldn’t easily find such a list. And other people will be lazy or dumb too, so if you want their money you should make it as easy as possible to find that list.

The first places I checked:

  1. The QuickBox.io homepage <- you should have a link to “List of features in Pro version” on the front page
  2. The “Pro Version” menu on the header bar <- the drop down menu should have a “Features” page
  3. The FAQ section of the forum <- list of Features should be stickied

After finding nothing clear and easy in those three places, I gave up.

I’m giving this criticism because I want you to succeed, and if you’re going to make money you need better information (marketing).

Thanks for the feedback - and your completely right…sadly we get dragged towards other problem areas - this has been on our todo list for a while and it will get done at some point.

the website has a link to the pro subscription page showing you monthly and yearly pricing but no where does it tell you what you are actually getting, very very confusing for everyone. i had not visited the site in months but came back today and noticed the changes. i then spend a couple of minutes looking through the forum to see what you get for 5 dollars per month… the benefits need to be outlined on the purchase page or people will simply not bother buying it,

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I agree, I had the same experience, and probably spent about 5 minutes scouring for ‘the missing page’ as well.

There you can have an idea :

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This is correct, there is a very clear Compare Community vs. Pro comparison link on the homepage.


Adding new tabs to product pages.


Thanks for your feedback guys, closing this now.




Then on the Comparison page


There is no difference between what you get monthly, yearly, Lifetime. It is the same level of service and deliverable no matter your subscription or ownage.