Quickbox and ZFS

OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS x64

Hey, guys.

I’m trying to get QuickBox working with ZFS, but I am slightly confused on how to go about doing that. My setup is a 128GB SSD that I have the OS installed on, as well as a few 3TB drives configured in a raid2 setup where I want to store all of the files I download with rtorrent.

I think what I need to do is somehow mount the pool in a way that QB can recognize when I first configure QB, but when I create a folder in /root and set that folder as the ZFS mountpoint QB doesn’t recognize it.

Is there anything that I am missing or that anyone here can help me with? Would really appreciate it.


ssd needs to have mount point of / then your raid will need to have /home

this will allow you to do as you are saying.

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