QuickBox and Cozy?

Hi! Ever since I found out about QuickBox, I wanted to see what else can I self-host since I got a server which most would consider very low-end but for me and my needs, it’s kind of too much so I wanted to utilize it to the fullest. Now I read about Cozy and how it’s purpose is to “Ungoogle your Digital Life” and I thought that it would be great to self-host it.

My problem now is how to configure QB and Cozy to run on the same server. I want QB to run under on subdomain via virtual hosts but I don’t know how and after googling how to, it just left me with more questions. I thought about running Proxmox on the dedi and making containers seperately for both but I don’t know if that could work and how. I have limited knowledge in these kinds of stuff but I want to learn by doing so any help is really appreciated