Quick box dashboard not working

it gives me this error. everything else works. i would like to see if reinstalling quickbox might fix it without formating drive

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

I’m having the same problem as well. Everything was loading extremely slow for a bit and now it doesn’t work at all.

I can access (albeit very slow) on IE but Chrome just doesn’t let me visit anything.

Edit2: Try clearing your cache/cookies on Chrome. You should be able to log-in then. However, everything is running slower than usual with no CPU/RAM usage at all. Will wait a bit to see what is going on.

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@bigkuhuna, that looks like a mismatched certificate error. If you have a Let’s Encrypt certificate installed on your server, it’s possible your browser cached the self-signed certificate and now that there is a new certificate, it’s reading both and thus throwing the mismatch. As @ohsen2016 stated, clearing your browser cache will more than likely solve that issue.

This really depends on the hardware and your connection to the server from your location. I have had Hetzner machines before that typically don’t play well with my ISP and loading times can be painfully slow… in these cases, this is obviously a simple matter of your connection over seas or from wherever you are.

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It has been painfully slow, but it was blazing fast two days ago. Even connecting to Robot/Hetzner it takes forever. Going to run a traceroot and see what is going on.

Agreed, I am actually having these problems on an i7 990x (12t) ssd server right now. It’s sluggish, I haven’t checked which DC I am in, but I have a feeling it’s not one that’s friendly with my route.

I meant it was good for 2 days and today (3rd day) it has been painfully slow. I’m currently on DC 16 routing to Canada east coast. I’m guessing something is up for today as like I said even their website(s) load painfully slow. As of right now I can access QB, but ruTorrent won’t load whatsoever. When it does load the randomized port doesn’t even connect.

solved by using the letsencrypt wiki on site, using a valid domain name.

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