Questions before ordering server for quickbox (ACD / GDrive)

I tried to login the chat to ask the question, but for unknown reasons chat tells me that he doesnt find me in databse…

Got a few questions before i order a hetzner server. Plan is to order the guru services and let it set up from the experts cause im not really into linux

  • Since rclone was banned from amazon and not usable anymore, is google drive the only option atm? I got an unlimited account but im still bit afraid of the api bans that plex causes, i had the issue already in plex cloud

  • Will quickbox offer a service with a tool or something to avoid api bans caused by plex?

  • Im really interested in that automation that quickbox grabs new stuff for me and puts into the correct folder in the cloud and stuff. what will happen with manual downloads like from rss feeds? do i have to move them by hand through rclone to the cloud?

Thanks fellas!

use new login not forums login not same Database as of right now they are separate

as of right now i am now using rclone with a unionfs to the local dir which allows things like plex and sickrage to scan in the content as its finished then after xtime it’s moved from local and moved to the cloud where you can play it from and due to the unionfs its analyzing won’t break things. still trying to test out plexdrive on spare time to see how to use it for everyone

yes the only viable option unless you wish to pay a lot of money.
any of the ones here on rclone -amazon drive as they need to update it…

Thanks for the answers.
I wasnt able to register at the chat section, kept loop loading.

Well, seems like gdrive is not a cool option anymore, they shut down my account an hour ago because of copyright issues :smiley:

how do you handle the api bans through plex and sickrage?

well i make where sickrage does not scan from cloud. and when it scans it looks at local mount first which is where the file is first before its uploaded using unionfs. but also am working on learning how to easily deploy plexdrive for those who want it as of right this second ill setup for extra 10 on top of rclone guru this is cuz its a bit of a pain to setup and takes time as i have yet to figure out how to script it all

also keep in mind the drives being banned right now from google are the ones being sold on ebay. you can get a domain and get your own gsute for 10/m and you could find someone who you wanna join and get on their domain and pay them for the use of the drive.