Quarantine Fun: Community Quiplash Game

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Hello Everyone,

In these trying times, it’s hard to have a sense of community, for feel connected with one and another. It’s hard that we have to be away from families, friends and loved ones and being stuck inside.

This is why, after a quick test run, we have decided to put on a community game of Quiplash.

We did a quick trial today and with those who could join, we had some fun. However, we want to schedule a time where we can all join in!

On Saturday 18th of April at 10pm UK Time, we’ll be on our Discord channel in the voice channel broadcasting our game of Quiplash.

You can join in and play with us, or join the audience and vote for whichever answer you like best!

It’s free to play and join and you only need a browser, and Discord to play!

So come join us and we’ll have fun together!

Event Details

When: Saturday 18th of April

Where: Discord

Time: 10pm UK Time

What: Community Quiplash Game