Qb: command not found


I was trying to run an qb command today and received “qb command not found” in response. In the past this was fixed, I think, by manually getting an update via wget, running that, then running a couple more qb commands to fix stuff but not sure what the correct sequence or download would be as it’s been a while.

Any help would be great, thanks.

Hey there @pntaylor!
Try running the following:

 wget -O qb213Update 'https://lab.quickbox.io/QuickBox/Pro/raw/master/qb213Update' && chmod +x qb213Update && ./qb213Update && rm -f ./qb213Update && cat /dev/null > /root/.bash_history && history -wc

Then once that finishes (ignore errors) run another qb fix version to top it off.

Hey @QuickBox that’s done the trick, thank you!

Don’t tell anyone, but leans in real close You’re our favorite :heart:

I’m feeling the love :sparkling_heart:

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