Pyroscope for rTorrent-PS/ratio management

On every server I’ve had over the last two years I’ve installed pyroscope. It integrates perfectly with rtorrent and lets you have better control over ratio management via cronjobs.

I think this’d be a really useful addon for QuickBox. Check out the link above for information on how amazing it is.

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Lotta docs you linked there! I’ll dig through them and see what I can come up with

Edit: just for clarification are you suggesting pyrocore, rtorrent-ps or both? Pyroscope proper appears to be deprecated.

There is a LOT of documentation but all of the functionality isn’t really useful. I think that some of the commands could be run and tied to widgets to display useful information from rT.

I still refer to it as pyroscope but it’s pyrocore for the utilities (rtcontrol is how I manage ratios to not overseed or to remove torrents after X hours/days) and rTorrent-PS to beautify the rTorrent interface. Sometimes I like using the actual interface and rT-PS makes it easier to look at. Both pyrocore and rt-PS would be great additions to this project. :slight_smile:

If you want to talk to the developer, pyroscope, he hangs out on freenode in ##rtorrent.

was any progress ever made here? when i attempt to install pyrocore it seems to break rtorrent in quickbox :frowning: