pyLoad installation

Hey there,
first, I love your QuickBox script, it’s pretty and just awesome :slight_smile:
Second: can you integrate pyLoad? I like this tool much more than RapidLeech. Is there a way to install a stable version of pyLoad?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks loads for the suggestion @cinory!

How about we release an official package for this on Saturday! I have had this requested several times over the past few days and have already began (time permitting) working on a package installer for this.

With that stated - @liara, this one is mine.


Thank you for your answer @JMSolo

Just two quick questions, hope it’s ok to ask them here and not open a new thread for it:

  • what’s the best distri to run the scipt on? I’m about to order a new server and want to achieve the best performance
  • are there ways in the script to tweak & tune the torrent client and server for best speeds? I’m still new with that :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :))

not in the script but you can mess with the settings of the rutorrent. like allow more peers to connect.

also i recommend ubuntu 16.04 LTS

just preference though

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Would this be the only way to tweak or are there also server-sided ways to do it?

There are tuning options that can be done within the server itself as I think that is more of what you are after. That is something that we would rather not openly discuss in terms of tuning as it is a service that we will be providing either today or tomorrow. The TuneUp form will be up and you can request an official tune-up through there. I will make an announcement about it today when I get back from my meeting.

As per the OS. My go-to is Ubuntu 16.04. It’s pretty much the basis for which I personally work my end of development for QuickBox on and run most of my test… so naturally, I would say run with it.

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Thank you a lot for your answer and clarification @JMSolo :slight_smile: