Pyload Download Issue

Hi everybody,

I installed Pyload on my Dedicated server (Quickbox plugin on Ubuntu 16.04.2 X64) But I have an issue and I can’t find any solution on my own.

So Pyload seems to work perfectly, but when i try to download a file > 2GB from my dedicated server to my computer, in the “Download” section I have an error message :

A server error occurred. Please contact the administrator.

If I download a file < 2GB everything is working perfectly.

I can’t find more information in Pyload logs or in error.log (apache2)

The only thing that i can see is my RAM increase more and more… until error message

Where does this error come from? Pyload ?

Thanks guys,

One more information ; I also installed Rapidleech, downloads are working perfectly even with > 2GB files