Pydio Package Integration

I really love QuickBox, never find any better than this amazing script…

i always using Pydio as my sharing & file manager. i don’t like using nextcloud or owncloud because it’s doesn’t have remote URL upload feature. and also some reason why pydio better is because we can configure almost everthing, the UI, the core app itself, API call, etc.

so, i was hoping if you can put Pydio as package installation inside Quickbox, just to make things more cleaner & well managed.

btw, so much thanks for making this amazing script for us, really appreaciate the hard work, and keep the awesomeness

Up Up Up… i need some answer about this

It will be taken into consideration.

Generally the features with lots of requests are the ones we spend time integrating and we ended up going the route of owncloud due to the large majority of people requesting the solution.

to add to what liara stated, votes matter more votes more likely it will be added.

I tried Pydio and I found it too complicated for just a couple of users. Maybe it’s my lack of understanding of how to properly configure it but it seemed like an Enterprise app more than a seedbox app.