Public torrent blocking not working

Hi all, I have configured block public torrent when installing quickbox. Then I try to add public torrent from and it still download.


Why ya ? :thinking:

Finish download… :sweat_smile:


Most likely because the tracker is not mentioned in the block list /etc/hosts/

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Ah. I see is not updated, No one is pull request in there. hmm
I see line 255, is that not same ? Do you know where to get latest public torrent tracker list?
After editing the list what should i do @bate? I have add on the list. But it still downloading the files…


What do you see on line 255?
Make sure you have the announce url i the block list

got tracker.fix on there.
can i add like http , https , udp:// ?
in the list ?

Did you try using torrent via VPN? Earlier I was facing many issues while Torrenting but thanks to my pal I got to know about this website: where a guide is present about VPN through which I use torrent websites anonymously.