Problem with ruTorrent

Hello guys. I have a problem, my ruTorrent UI is really really slow and after a while completly freezes and I get messages in the log saying: ‘the request to rtorrent has timed out’.

The installation is clean (I did it yesterday) and I have 0 torrents on ruTorrent. I am using Deluge perfectly fine and Plex without any problem. Also I don’t see any high CPU usage or memory usage.
Any ideas? Already did reboot my server and restarted the services.
I am using Ubuntu 16.04 with Hetzner server

Yeah, I also had almost the same issue on my hetzner with ubuntu 16.04. Although in my case rutorrent did load after a long time. Sometimes even after loading rutorrent logs would show the timeout error.
I feel that rutorrent web ui is very slow loading on quickbox. Do not know why. And yes, deluge works fine. May be the devs can take a look.

Did you fix it?
I am actually fine with Deluge, and I have always used Transmission but it is not included with QuickBox.
If I can’t fix it I guess I will use Deluge or try to install Transmission. The only problem is the autodl addon for rutorrent

No I have not been able to do anything about it. In fact I do not know what to do.

That is a common problem with ruTorrent comunicating with rtorrent in every seedbox, not only QB. However, it is (usually) a temporary problem. If it does that always, then it may mean that the server you are using is too little powerful…

I always have had this problem, whether with Hetzner or with Kimsufi. And also with seedbox providers like or PulsedMedia. The problem is ruTorrent. In ruTorrent option you can set an higher “request timeout” but isn’t a real solution. :wink:

I disagree partly. See, I have multiple servers from Hetzner - all of them either have i7-3770 or Xeon 1245v2 CPUs and at least 16GB ram. So, the server not being powerful enough does not hold. I have this issue only with the QB install. Because, with other installs ruTorrent does not have this loading issue.
On seedbox slots as of now I am not facing any issue. But, since you are telling it is happening on slots so that is also a piece pf reality.

Yes, I also don’t think is a machine problem because my CPU/ram usage is not maxing and not even high.
I guess is some config problem that QuickBox also uses but I dont know enough about Unix configuration to fix that

The QuickBox install touches no configuration on rtorrent it self. It’s basically just installs rutorrent and gives it a predefined .rc

My experience with rutorrent timing out usually comes down to the browser

Well, I have used chrome, firefox and opera. Same issue in all 3 of them. It may have something to do with the plugins in rutorrent. And net connection speed is one big factor. I have not faced this issue on high speed connections.