Priceless community and team members!

Well my gratitude towards JMSolo and this community is beyond my capabilities to express in words!! It’s just not possible… The words I would be looking for has not been invented yet and probably never will be!

Well I got a server from hetzner a friend installed quickbox on it but didn’t quite work the way I wanted and contacted JMSolo about doing a fresh install/tuneup and looked at the ability to pay for it without creditcards as no bank will give me one for quite a few reasons. And he said well you can donate and we will fix it for you.

So well I thought hmm can’t afford that just now but will come back when I can afford it and know what I would want.
Well eventually I upgraded my hetzner server to a far larger server and sent a message earlier this morning inquired how to proceed with asking for a fresh install and tuneup and possibly also add a subdomain for letsencrypt.

I also mentioned well I can make that donation later today but what would my request count as a custom install?

Well to my massive surprise I got a reply rather sooner then expected that it wouldn’t be a problem and I would get a notice when the server would be up and running available for me to use.

Well took about 30-40mins perhaps can’t say I counted the time really until the server was up and running. With some extra troubleshooting getting x2go and plex server running. I now have a lovely sexy server running and only problem I have is to move the content from the old server to this new one. Not to mention to fill up this beast with a lot of content.

So right now I’m just waiting for my paycheck to arrive so I can make a lovely donation and will for sure make more then a few monthly donations to come. This team and community is priceless and deserves all the support to make sure it’s developed and maintained.

So thank you quickbox community for existing and JMSolo for helping me!



Cant count how much JM helped me out. It’s so amazing to have this oppertuniy so have this advanced free seedbox script!
Much love to the whole team!

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I’ve had a few back and forths with JM, great guy and really smart but has a way to bring it out without making anyone feel dumb! Plus from reading other posts, there is a vast group of talented users from QB!

I too would like to express a great thanks to the team!

Thanks to all of you for your help!