Plexrequests - connectors setup (Sonarr, Couchpotato, etc.)

Hi everyone,

I’m currently testing Quickbox and it’s awesome !
But I need a bit help regarding the Plexrequest’s configuration with other services like Couchpotato, Sonarr, etc.

I think it might be a good idea to explain the default setup for all request services.

For example :

Plex (reinstalled with Plex default settings)
Plex Hostname or IP : ServerIPAdress
SSL : checked
Use Advanced Search (if you want it) : checked
Enable Episode Seaching (if you want it) : checked
Plex Base Url :
Plex Authorization Token (easier with the request token button) : YourPlexTokenNotThisText
Test Connectivity : OK

That works for Plex without issue but regarding the Couchpotato or Sonarr configurations, I tried several parameters without arriving to be OK…

If some of you succeded, could you please tell me how you did it ?

Thanks !

EDIT (with @liara help) :

Sonarr Hostname or IP : localhost
Port : 8989
Sonarr API Key : YourSonarrAPIKEY
Sonarr Base Url : sonarr
Test Connectivity : OK

CouchPotato Hostname or IP : localhost
Port : 5050
CouchPotato API Key : YourCouchpoatoAPIKEY
CouchPotato Base Url : couchpotato
Test Connectivity : OK

Couchpotato: localhost:5050 baseurl: couchpotato ssl: off
Sickrage: localhost:8081 baseurl: sickrage ssl: off
Sonarr: localhost:8989 baseurl: sonarr ssl: off


Thanks @liara ! :slight_smile:
Everything is configured now

Sorry to resurrect this, if I should start new let me know. I am having this same problem, but liara’s answer isn’t working.

Please post screenshots of your settings. It will help a lot.

Sonarr is the only one I am trying to setup. Would having a login/password setup for Sonarr cause any issues?

No, that’s what the API key is for (but you have left that blank). Make sure you grab your API key from the sonarr settings and it should start to work

I knew I should have said that I left it blank intentionally lol

Try removing the slashes then, they may be interfering with the way Plex Requests constructs the baseurl

Tried that as well. I am in the process of setting up a different VPS. This one has been problematic since the beginning. Should it not work then I’ll take it from there.

i cant get it to work and get this error

Could not connect to SickRage, please check your settings. Exception Message: localhost:sickrage/api/cc35153a78befdde27b37571ad5ca0ac/?""