PlexPy Übersicht widget

Hi, i am trying to use this widget to my Übersicht setup on my Mac:

The thing is i don’t know my hostname, wich the widget is asking for, i have tried to put my normal ip i get the webpanel from :slight_smile:

Hello @FrodoToto,

Where did you install QuickBox ? Locally on your MAC ?
If it’s the case, it should or localhost (with maybe :3000 at the end URL)
Otherwise, it should be the external IP from your server, you could know it with this command :
curl -s

These widgets tools are pretty cool, I wil test them soon :slight_smile:

It’s working for me now, I replaced the command in the file by (with your settings) :

command: "curl --user 'User:Password' -fs 'http://YourServerIP/plexpy/api/v2?apikey=YourPlexPyAPI&cmd=get_activity' --digest"

Very useful and beautiful widget to keep an eye open :wink:

Thank you very much! That worked :smiley:

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