Plexmediaserver 1.2.6 (Android Audio)

I’ve discovered that PMS 1.2.6 has issues with transcoding audio for devices that don’t support it (mostly the android app from google play store).

Does anybody know if the upgradePlex command keeps a copy of the old .deb files anywhere?

Or, do you know where to find older versions of the server?

Older version: wget

I would try:
dpkg -r plexmediaserver
dpkg -i plexmediaserver_1.1.4.2757-24ffd60_amd64.deb

I believe the dpkg -r will not remove the plex data structure.

Edit: I’ve found the latest plex pass AND the latest public releases to be garbage.

thanks @RXWatcher . I’ve been able to downgrade with just dpkg -i

I will save that .deb version in my “handy files” dropbox folder though :slight_smile:

downgrade successful, thanks again bud :slight_smile: