Plex works with with older version, but not after upgrade

Hi all. I’m brand new to the community and am learning my way around the system. I recently installed Plex. Had numerous issues, read dozens of threads, and finally got it working with this specific post:

Installing the archived version allowed me to log into localhost:8888 and get me properly set up. I tried to connect another device with Plex Media Server, and unfortunately, it requires me to update the server! Which brings me back to the original issue. Whenever I install the newest version of plex (on Ubuntu 16.04) my plexmediaserver.service is always inactive. Is this still an issue from 6 months ago, or should I be doing something differently?

When I had it all working with the archived version i used the command updatePlex. That’s when the server would not come back online.

Any ideas would be more than appreciated!!