Plex won't install

Hey there,

Thanks for the great product. I have been able to install various applications successfully and enabled in my QuickBox Pro edition, but when I click on install plex and enter the code, the screen refreshes back to the application dashboard.

Hey there @jvminnella!

First off, thank you for the kind feedback.

Now, in regards to your issue installing Plex. Can you login to ssh and run the following:

sudo su -

After you have typed that and hit enter, now try to install Plex with:


See if that tosses back any errors.

I think running it this way worked, although I wasn’t sure whether to put my qb username or plex email in, i put the email address and got an error during creation

(1:150)# qb install plex [email protected] claim-wHyutTxspsQg7zBV3CLR
Plex will now be installed.

This process may take a few minutes
Please wait until the process is completed

➜ Adding additional keys and sources Plex…
✓ Keys and sources added.
➜ Checking and performing updates to system…
✓ System updated.
➜ Installing Plex dependencies…
➜ Installing apt-transport-https…
✓ Plex dependencies installed.
➜ Building Plex…
✓ Plex Built.

➜ Configuring Plex…
usermod: group ‘[email protected]’ does not exist
✓ Plex configured.
➜ Backing up Plex configuration…
✓ Plex configuration backed up.
➜ Claiming plex server for [email protected]
✓ Plex Media Server successfully claimed
➜ Starting Plex…
✓ Plex started.
✓ Plex installed.

Thanks for your quick help

The YOUR_USERNAME field is your QuickBox Dashboard username. The one created on install.

Awesome I got it now. Congrats on the deal with Plex btw, crazy I signed up the day before the deal was announced

You’re too kind! :heart:

In all honesty though, you can thank @jeells102 for that. His little April Fools prank. We’d let you guys know much much sooner :slight_smile:

Understandably, at this time in the world… not a lot of people are thinking about April Fools day.

You know, I just looked down at the date and hung my head in shame. You got me @jeells102 :man_facepalming: Good one!

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